This Teacher's Homework Assignment Taught Students How To Inject Crystal Meth

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There's plenty of debate over what kids should learn in school and what should be deemed inappropriate. But wherever that line is, a drama teacher at Mississauga, Ontario's Erin Mills Middle School definitely just crossed it.
One of the students recently came home with a handout containing detailed instructions for making, preparing, and injecting crystal meth. No, this is not fake news.
He told his mother Delight Greenidge that the teacher wanted pupils to "act scared" as they made it and "act happy" as they injected it.
It started off when an assignment to create skits inspired by an old TV show wasn't working out, Greenidge told 22 Words. And apparently, the natural plan B was to do a skit about meth. Except it sounds like a hell of a lot more than a skit. The 13-year-old actually asked his mom for help creating a tourniquet.
At that point, Greenidge thought what we're all thinking: "This cannot be real."
But it was. The school district's communication manager Carla Pereira confirmed that this actually happened. She was as confused as we were, calling the assignment "shocking and inappropriate."
Greenidge pointed out that this is particularly disturbing because teachers can have a huge influence on kids. "It could undo a lot of what I taught him because sometimes he would think the things the teacher says are sometimes more important than the things mum says," she said. "They do have that influence and impact...To think that all of what I’ve tried so hard to teach him — good principles, good values, moral character — the things that make you a man, a strong black man, and this is what an educator is giving to my child."
The teacher is currently suspended while the school board tries to figure out what on Earth just happened.

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