Shailene Woodley Is Too Pretty For Her Role On Big Little Lies

Photo: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO.
The day has finally arrived: Shailene Woodley’s bizarre beauty routine has been validated. WWD talked to the lead makeup artist on HBO's new miniseries Big Little Lies, who revealed that matching Woodley's beauty look to that of her character's was not the easiest task. Why? Word on the street is that Woodley's complexion was far healthier and glowier than her character Jane's was ever intended to be. A young, single mother who just moved to the school district full of secrets, Jane Chapman just doesn’t have time to put herself together like the other impeccably-dressed moms — and it shows on her skin. But Woodley is too fresh-faced and naturally radiant in real life to make that seem believable, says makeup artist Claudia Humburg. “Shailene is a very healthy, happy person who exercises every day. She came into the makeup trailer looking very fresh and good-looking. When she left the makeup trailer, she looked more pale, sad, and darker under the eyes,” Humburg told WWD. Humburg even had to use foundation that was a shade lighter than Woodley's natural complexion so she wouldn't looked so glowy. (If only we had this problem...) To say the actress' beauty secrets are unusual is a bit of an understatement. For example, Woodley told Into The Gloss that she gives her vagina vitamin D when it needs a bit of energy and yeast-ridding magic. (Still, we wonder, does she put SPF down there?) She’s also a huge advocate for ingesting clay. You know what they say, beauty starts from the inside out, right? But regardless of what the pros think of her habits, it seems as though things are working out for her.

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