Shailene Woodley Enjoys Sunshine On Her Lady Bits

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Divergent star Shailene Woodley is beautiful, and she evidently owes a lot of that daily glow to a very natural beauty routine. The girl is not shy about sharing some of her favorite practices, including oil pulling and — there's no other way to put this — letting the sun shine on your lady parts to help reset your vag. Yes, we can't believe we just typed that either.
In a recent interview with Into The Gloss, Woodley goes into great depth on her daily routine and viewpoints on beauty, including her excitement around oil pulling, stating she prefers to use sesame oil instead of coconut oil for crazy whitening results. Since most of us have just gotten into the oil pulling craze, we're down to try this. But, we just started with coconut oil so, you know, let's take it slowly.
But, what really got our attention was her natural cure for yeast infections and vaginal imbalances, which is applying good old Vitamin D in the way of sunshine. But, she advises if things south of your belly button go wrong, spread your legs and let the rays hit you where evolution split you. We're game to try it, although we need to make sure our neighbors aren't home first. (There's also some advice in there for eating clay that will have you looking at your favorite clay-based facial mask a little differently.)
Whether they're proven or not, the tips themselves are pretty interesting and a fun read. Clearly, Woodley wins the Internet today when it comes to Most Unexpected Celebrity Beauty Advice of the Day. Thanks for being our little ray of sunshine on this cloudy Monday, Shailene.(Into the Gloss)

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