Kylie Jenner Is Giving Away A Year’s Supply Of Her Personal Beauty Secret

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
“The key to good skin is more than just slathering on moisturizer and staying out of the sun,” Kylie Jenner mused on her website recently, like a modern Carrie Bradshaw for the Generation Z beauty enthusiast. “Water is so important to keep your skin glowing from the inside out.” Water, you could say, is Kylie’s beauty secret. Like many great women before her, Kylie swears by water for keeping her complexion fresh and radiant. But not just a little water — lots of water. And not just any water — Fiji water. That’s why she’s giving away a year’s supply of Fiji’s finest to 14 lucky fans. (Might we suggest directing some to Flint, MI, too?) According to her announcement, each winner will receive 12 monthly deliveries of one case of 700mL-sized bottles of the artesian import. Which, let's be clear, is not the same as Kylie supplying enough water to sustain one adult human for one year. But provided you ration out the good shit and spend the rest of the time drinking out of your Brita, you’ll be on your way to Jenner-approved skin in no time. Plus, Kylie will even throw in a pack of six reusable straws as part of the deal. Reusable straws? Yes, reusable straws — so you can sip that precious H2O all day long without smearing your liquid lipstick. She’s really thought of everything, hasn’t she? Now you have until March 1 to get out there and win, baby, win.

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