This Viral Twitter Hashtag Celebrates Diverse Relationships

If you were scrolling through Twitter this past weekend, you may have seen people posting adorable photos of themselves and their significant others to celebrate love between people of color. Twitter user @PoCBeauty started the hashtag #PoCInLove on Saturday, and it quickly went viral as other users began tweeting adorable photos of themselves with their partners.
Earlier this month, the owner of the @PoCBeauty account tweeted a rallying call for people of color to post couple photos on February 18.
"Post a picture of you with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc. using the hashtag #PoCInLove," the account posted. "All couples of color are welcome (poly, LGBTQ+)."
The owner of the account told BuzzFeed that she created the hashtag after seeing so many romance books that only portrayed white, heterosexual couples in love.
"There’s not many stories out there about couples who are Arab and black or Filipino and Mexican or just black and black or Asian couples," she told BuzzFeed. "There’s really nothing about poly and LGBTQ+ couples that are people of color either."
"People don’t realize when you’re not included in mainstream representation, you create your own representation," she said. "Hence how I started my page."
Scroll down to see some seriously cute #PoCInLove celebrating their diverse relationships.

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