We Are Impressed That Kaley Cuoco & Her Boyfriend Did NOT Break Up Over Furniture Shopping

We adore Ikea, in all its flimsy Swedish glory. But research shows there is actually an Ikea breakup age — after which many people feel compelled to move on to pricier pastures. But even if you haven't yet broken up with Ikea, perhaps you've broken up over an Ikea trip — or at least over the general hassle that comprises packing, furniture-shopping, and moving in with a significant other. Lucky for Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook, though, they seem to be immune to Relationship Death By Couch-Shopping.
The actress and her equestrian boyfriend have been posting on Instagram about their moving-in process (and their furniture-purchasing process), and they actually look happy every step of the way. What is this sorcery? Can they tell us their secrets please?
Maybe the secret to move-in happiness is simply letting one partner be totally in charge. "We're moving in," Cook captioned one of his posts, "and by we I meant Kaley and Margeaux are moving in while I help them put things where they want. I'm maturing."
He also posted a video of Kaley and Margeaux, writing, "The two blonds that run my life. They're so amazing, I have moved into a new apartment and unpack absolutely nothing...piles of stuff that hasn't been unpacked at all but who cares about that when there is new furniture to order." Come on, Karl: priorities. Makes total sense to us.

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