This Tennis Player May Have Found Love On Twitter

"Anything can happen" seems to be a lesson 22-year-old tennis star Genie Bouchard learned recently when she made a bet with a fellow Twitter user on the Super Bowl.
"I knew Atlanta would win btw," Bouchard tweeted before the Super Bowl was even over. John Goehrke, a 20-year-old college student, decided to take her up on her bold words, Mashable reports.
He replied to Bouchard's tweet saying, "If Patriots win we go on a date?"
Bouchard clearly didn't think she'd ever have to face up to the bet. The Patriots were down 19 points in the fourth quarter, according to ESPN, and almost no one could have predicted they'd win. But win they did.
After the game, people wondered if Bouchard would actually honor the bet. She, of course, had no obligation to, but tweeted that she was true to her word.
Bouchard and Goehrke went on a date to a Brooklyn Nets basketball game on Thursday. And, according to TMZ, Bouchard said the date went so well there might be a second.
Could Bouchard and Goehrke have found love over Twitter? Maybe, maybe not, but they each at least will always have fun memories and a story to tell their grandkids someday.

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