The Internet Doesn’t Even Know What To DO With Trump’s Press Conference

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So, that was...something. In today's press conference, Trump defended his less-than-monthlong tenure as POTUS — which has been marked by chaos, legal fights, drama over cabinet appointees, and the firing of his national security adviser — as nothing less than stellar. He also announced that there will be a new executive order on immigration next week and an Obamacare replacement in March. But he spent most of the spontaneous presser attacking the press. Viciously. A lot. He originally called the press conference to announce his new labor-secretary pick Alexander Acosta, after fast-food executive Andrew Puzder withdrew yesterday. But it quickly devolved into insults lobbed at Hillary Clinton, whom he is no longer running against, and at the press. He made statements like: "Story after story after story is bad. I WON!" He insulted individual news organizations, like the BBC. He stated his preference for "good" (softball) questions over "bad" (informed) ones. He called any mention of the administration's connection to Russia a "ruse." Our heads are spinning, but we're actually more thankful than ever that we went to journalism school. And we're not alone — many celebrities and influencers took to Twitter to express their WTF just happened?! feelings.
J.K. Rowling was terrified:
Gabrielle Union had some harsh words:
April Ryan, an African-American reporter, asked him whether he was planning to involve the Congressional Black Caucus in his "inner-city agenda." He suggested that the journalist should set up the meeting with the CBC. "They friends of yours?" he asked her. Turns out, the CBC had already reached out to Trump:
People were not having it with his response to Ryan:
Some in the GOP were reportedly also outraged:
And the press had never seen anything like this:
The Hillary mentions were through the roof:
Glenn Thrush (the Glenn from SNL) made an important point:
Jake Tapper's advice: "Get to work and stop whining." about that?
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