Sofia Vergara Filed An Injunction To Stop Her Ex From Using Their Embryos

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock
Remember when two frozen, un-gestated embryos became the plaintiffs in a right-to-live lawsuit? It's been a few months that Sofia Vergara and ex Nick Loeb have been battling it out over two frozen pre-embryos created while the couple was still together and undergoing fertility treatments. Vergara wants the pre-embryos — a.k.a. fertilized ova — to be destroyed. Loeb, on the other hand, has named them (?!) "Emma and Isabella" and wants them to be gestated and birthed by a surrogate. But it looks like that's unlikely to happen. This week, Vergara filed documents asking the State of California’s Superior Court to permanently block Loeb's access to the pre-embryos without her written consent, People reports. Loeb has made some pro-life arguments against the destruction of the pre-embryos (claiming "a parent’s right to protect the life of his or her unborn child"). However, Vergara's recent court papers, which were obtained by People, have questioned that attitude, calling Loeb's knowledge of his previous exes having abortions “a fact directly contradictory to his alleged pro-life views.” The court papers also explain that “the terms of the Contract expressly state that neither party may use the pre-embryos created from the IVF procedure without the ‘explicit written consent’ of the other party.” This should work out well for Vergara. Because even if she can't have the embryos destroyed without Loeb's consent, at least he won't be able to have them, you know, turned into actual humans without hers.

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