The 2017 Hair Trends New York Girls Are Obsessed With

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.
Seeing the new collections during New York Fashion Week is always exciting, but the innovative makeup and hair moments are what really make us stand at attention. Think of it this way: You won't be able to wear those intricately-designed fall and winter pieces yet — if you can afford them in the first place — especially if your city is experiencing a winter heat wave like the Big Apple. But these hairstyle trends are ready to join your ranks right now.
Last season, hair pros pushed wet strands at shows including Altuzarra and Jason Wu — looks that celebrities like Taraji P. Henson and Shay Mitchell went on to imitate on the red carpet. Messy ponytails were also a constant on the runway, which proved that undone glam was very much in. Because who wants to spend all night getting done up when you could be turning up instead, ya know?
But this time around, designers are digging simple structure — and lots of it. Many of the fall and winter 2017 collections were complemented with stick-straight hair, timeless center-parts, and blunt, brow-skimming bangs. And we can't forget about the influx of more and more natural hairstyles. To wit: This season saw closely-cropped styles as just as important as fluffy Afros on the catwalk.
In a move we can't get enough of, straight and curly textures shared a trend in common: bangs. They accented chin-length bobs at Oscar De La Renta, as well as bouncy curls at 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Yes, trends come and go. What's heralded as haute couture today could end up in your donation pile within the next few months. However, a solid style with classic elements like the ones we saw among this season's roundup of hair 'dos have some serious staying power.
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