This Is The Beauty Edition Of Engagement Chicken

Good news if you're superstitious, ready to head to the altar, and a bad cook: You no longer need to whip up engagement chicken to earn your ring. All you need is lipstick.

According to Emily Popp, Deputy Editor at HelloGiggles, the Christmas gift she got last year from her brother and his girlfriend was meant to help her land a husband, but it wasn't a membership or subscription to Good Housekeeping; it was a lipstick from Estée Lauder's Pure Color Crystal collection. Why? Supposedly, the stuff inside the bullet is especially revered in Japan (but it's sold in the US and UK, too) for its magical matchmaking powers. On the brand's Japanese site, women swear this is the thing that led their S.O.'s to propose, though who knows whether or not that's true.
Photographed by Anjali Pinto.
It's worth trying in the same way shaking a Magic 8 ball or playing with the Ouija board is — for fun. And, hey, wearing a great lipstick always makes us happier and more confident, which attracts all kinds of people. But if really believe your partner won't commit until you find your most flattering shade of pink, you might want to take a long, hard look at your relationship. And of course, marriage might be the furthest thing from your mind; in which case, boil a pot of water and cook some "fuck me" penne. No one can resist pasta — that's a guarantee.

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