CeeLo Green Made A Bizarre Music Video Devoted To Beyoncé

We tend to think of Beyoncé as being much more than a woman who happens to be married to Jay Z, but far be it from us to disapprove of any video that pays homage to Queen Bey.

This latest one comes courtesy of CeeLo Green. Green, who is probably still scrubbing off gold paint as we type, reworked Rick Springfield's '80s pop hit "Jessie's Girl" for a musical tribute to Bey. It's called, of course, "Jay Z's Girl."

As Billboard notes, Green used his Gnarly Davidson alter ego for the project, while Little Fun stars in the video.

"Sorry, Jay," Green says as we zoom in on Little Fun hanging out in a room wallpapered in Beyoncé posters, "but I love her too. What am I supposed to do?"

A sample lyric:

"Jay Z is the king / And I'm probably his biggest fan / But there's a feeling inside that I'm sure you'd understand / I'm in love with B and I want to be her man."

Hey, never give up on your dreams. We're just not sure she'll appreciate the shade at Solange.
Video: Courtesy of WSHH.

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