Laverne Cox Meeting Beyoncé Is All Of Us

Laverne Cox had a hell of a night at the Grammys. But the highlight of her night, of everyone's night, was seeing Beyoncé. And it ought to have been. As our Morgan Baila writes, Beyoncé's performance was pure magic. But Cox had one-up on all of us: She actually got to meet Queen Bey herself. And the conversation was so memorable that the Orange Is the New Black star Instagrammed it three times. Now look, normally this is against the rules. You get two Instagram posts per event. But come on, this is Beyoncé we're talking about. And Cox took full advantage. Here's the first. A great picture, to be sure, but Beyoncé looks a little distracted.
The second features the full attention of Beyoncé both to Cox and to the camera. So that's why there's a pair.
And the third puts their rapport on full display. That's some solid 'gramming.

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