Sutton Foster On Going To Fashion Week As A Blissful Outsider

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When said out loud, "Fashion Week" has a double meaning — and for anyone who's ever been a part of all the action, feeling weak is not only par for the course, it's often the reason we love fashion to begin with. So, in honor of the moments of chaos, beauty, and excitement that made us feel weak, we present My Fashion Week-ness: a compilation of accounts from some of the industry's biggest players. They're spilling their most memorable stories from Fashion Weeks gone by, and the ones that keep them coming back for more.

Sometimes, those outside the fashion circuit, who just make occasional cameos in the industry, have incredibly on-point insight into how it all works. Actress Sutton Foster can probably count the number of fashion shows she's been to on one hand, but her takeaway from it all couldn't be more spot-on. We chatted with the Younger star at her event for shoe sole and foot care brand Amopé's new GelActiv Insoles & Inserts about everything from the task of wearing heels for hours on end, to working with Hilary Duff day in and day out, to the current frenzy of New York Fashion Week. Surprisingly, Foster doesn't find herself on the front row as much as you'd think. And while she says she appreciates fashion, she veers more toward the classic side of the style spectrum, and prefers to admire all the action from afar. And we're not talking about luxury basics, either. Like us, Foster loves a good deal. Plus, her knack of dressing for how she feels on the inside (a yearning to be timeless and comfortable at all times) is the reason why hearing her outlook on Fashion Week is so refreshing. Read on for Sutton's take on the whole catwalk experience and fashion in general. "I think the hardest part about Fashion Week for me is getting me to the show. I like fashion, but what ends up happening is that I feel intimidated. I went to Michael Kors one year — and he's amazing to me and invited me, so I wanted to go and support him — but I don't feel comfortable [in that setting]. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Buying something full-price is a rarity. I'm constantly searching for the thing that's on sale; for the the bargain, or the hand-me-down... As far as fashion goes, I always feel like I'm not ahead of the trends. "But that's been a really interesting part about being on Younger, because I'm always like, 'Oh, this is what people are wearing? I had no idea.' I don't feel up-to-speed...I want to be comfortable and authentic to who I am...but I feel like I'm not very fashion-forward. I tend to want to be more classic, sophisticated, and timeless. Because any time I have tried to push the envelope, it's a disaster. And there are photos to prove it! It makes me crazy. So, if I keep it simple, I always feel true to who I am. "It's so much about exterior beauty, and what you look like, and who you're wearing. But I'm so much more interested in who someone is on the inside. I don't care what you look like. I want to know what's going on inside. So, sometimes, fashion can be very distracting in that way. But hey, I have total appreciation and mad respect for it."

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