This Unexpected Accessory Is Poised To Make A Comeback, According To Kate Spade

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Spade New York.
As far as accessories go, a pearl necklace is pretty much the farthest thing from trendy. It can be a cherished family heirloom, or a rite-of-passage gift for some — and an eye-roll for others. But it's not a piece of jewelry we think about when we consider new ideas rolling out in the fashion sphere. (Timeless accessory, sure. Timely trend? Not quite.) However, as we've seen over the past few seasons, the industry loves a good wardrobe comeback story. And just like the flares and the denim suiting preceding it, the traditionally prim and proper necklace could indeed be seeing its day in the sun. Are you clutching your pearls yet?
It's been a throwback look that's been called time and time again, an accessory that's been begging for a rebrand. Yesterday, Kate Spade New York made such a strong case made for the pearl necklace. Deborah Lloyd presented both a shoppable spring '17 capsule and a full '17 collection for the brand at the incredibly ornate Russian Tea Room on Friday. Seemingly inspired by the venue's old New York backdrop, Kate Spade New York reimagined the staples of the legendary midtown Manhattan spot's impossibly fancy patrons: Think heeled loafers, frilly-neck blouses, caped jackets, and, yes, pearl necklaces. The show notes explained that fall '17 involves the Kate Spade New York woman coming back from a trip to 1920s Paris, which it characterizes as "a creative melting pot that encouraged strong, interesting women to shine."
Of course, because it's 2017, the pearl necklace finds itself thrust into the fashion zeitgeist at Kate Spade New York in the form of a choker: worn over thick turtlenecks alongside a delicate black bow, or stacked on top of each other to create a fully-covered-up look. (The models not wearing said necklaces were styled instead with high-rise sweaters, mock turtlenecks, or scarves — so, take note: Showing your neck is so spring '17.) The question remains, though... Is the Hadid- and Jenner-approved jewelry silhouette enough to change our perception of a classic pearl necklace? Kate Spade New York makes a pretty convincing case for it — but you can decide for yourself. See the new-and-improved pearl necklace in the slideshow, ahead.

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