This Is What Women Want More Of In The Bedroom

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The second installment of E.L. James's 50 Shades trilogy hits theaters today. No matter your feelings about this controversial series, there's no denying that it got us talking about kinky sex — although depictions of BDSM in the books and movies are often both wrong and harmful to the kink community. So it's not too surprising that a recent poll of 6,700 Americans, shared with Refinery29, found that almost twice as many women are interested in adding kink to the bedroom, compared with men. The survey is a joint effort from Men's Health and Women's Health magazines to determine "the state of sex in 2017." While they say the survey was completed by nearly seven thousand men and women it may also include results from people who do not identify as a man or woman, or from people who identify as both. According to the magazines' results, though, 19% of women and 11% of men want to introduce kink and light bondage into the bedroom. If you're one of these people, there are plenty of ways to start exploring kinks and fetishes with a partner. You could start with a sex menu, which is a safe way to open dialogue with both new and existing partners. Or give one of these 10 conversation starters a try. Another interesting finding from the study could play into your new kinky sex life: Sex toys. A third of men and women surveyed said they use sex toys during sex with a partner, and two-thirds said that the addition of a sex toy makes the experience hotter. And if you're looking to boost your sex toy collection with fun, kinky toys, there's a whole 50 Shades-branded toy line you might want to check out. You can read results from the full survey in the March issue of Women's Health.

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