This Is Us‘ Jack Is Now Goatee-Free & We Think We Know Why (Spoilers)

Spoiler Alert: if you have no intention of discovering This Is Us spoilers, we'll assume you clicked on this article by mistake. Stop reading now, or proceed at your own risk. Still with us? There have been some big Pearson developments. Firstly, Milo Ventimiglia, who plays patriarch Jack Pearson, is now fuzz-free. Jack's face has embraced varying degrees of scruffiness as the show makes its leaps in time, but until now he's never been bare-faced.
"Thank you 1996 hair and goatee," Ventimiglia wrote. "Thank you for your service. See you next season!!" What does it mean? The obvious answer is that viewers will soon see Jack in his youth, before Rebecca and triplets and urns. Another photo shared by Ventimiglia seems to back that theory up. That "Jack way back when" caption can't mean anything else, right?
Director Ken Olin (shoutout to your mom's '80s crush on Thirtysomething!) also shared a video from the show's set that pretty much confirmed that the "last four episodes" will revisit Jack's past. That black car, presumably, is the one he sold when Rebecca got pregnant with triplets.
Fans are annoyed by the spoilers, but c'mon: Is the idea that a show built on flashbacks would layer in another flashback really that earth-shattering? And how can you possibly be mad at Baby Jack?

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