This Is The Craziest This Is Us Fan Theory Yet

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
Warning: This article contains spoilers about Tuesday's episode of This Is Us. This Is Us theories have officially gone too far. The NBC drama relies on twists to keep viewers guessing, so it's no surprise that fans have plenty of speculations about what the show might unveil. But one theory that's making the rounds is particularly dark, and very unlikely to be true. After Tuesday's episode, in which Miguel (Jon Huertas) reveals that he and his wife are getting divorced, some fans on Twitter began circulating a very sinister idea about him. They proposed that Miguel killed his best friend, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) so that he could be with Rebecca (Mandy Moore).
Other fans have been promoting the murder theory since the show first started.
Aside from the fact that the gentle Miguel hardly seems like a killer, there are a lot of issues with this suggestion. Miguel and Jack were friends long before Jack and Rebecca even met. It would take a lot for him to end a yearslong relationship with someone who was, as Miguel said in his best man speech, his "better half" for quite some time. Miguel also seems like an honest person; it would eat away at him to keep this secret from Rebecca for years. If he and Jack had so much as a fight before Jack's passing, it's unlikely he'd keep it from Rebecca. Of course, it could all be an act — but judging from Miguel's wide smiles at Jack and Rebecca's wedding, I find that hard to believe. One fan did suggest that Rebecca was in on it the whole time. Rebecca as a murderer is even harder to swallow, though. Again: No.
Plus, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly that he believes Miguel's romantic feelings for Rebecca "began long after Jack was no longer in the picture." A premeditated murder would mean that Miguel had been harboring those feelings long before that. Fan theories are all well and good; they make watching a twist-driven show like This Is Us all the more fun. But Miguel did not kill Jack. Come on now.

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