Yes, This Is Us Has Fan Theories, & They’ll All Make You Cry

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
On the surface, NBC's new hit This Is Us is just a cuddly family drama, replete with Thanksgiving spats, teachable moments, and loving embraces. Under the saccharine surface, though, the show is riddled with mystery. Granted, it's no Westworld, but This Is Us has its fair share of gasp-inducing moments and riddles that have yet to be unfurled.
Most of the mystery in the show derives from the dual story lines. One narrative follows Jack and Rebecca, parents to a scrappy set of triplets. The other narrative follows those same triplets, all grown up. As we learn about the increasingly fractured Pearson family, we must piece together the intervening 30 some-odd years that separate the two timelines. As such, the show has invited the type of fan theorizing one usually sees with thrillers and mysteries.
Mainly, everyone wants to know: What happened to Jack Pearson? Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, is the patriarch of the Pearson family until, well, he's not. In the "modern day" story line, which focuses on the children, Jack isn't around. In his stead, his best friend Miguel serves as a pseudo father. (Miguel is presumably married to Rebecca in the modern story, and none of the kids seem happy about it.)
Ahead, you'll find the most intriguing theories about the Pearson family, dredged from the depths of the internet. Be forewarned: Most theorize about Jack Pearson's status, which the show will allegedly address in next week's episode.

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