A Valentine’s Day Netflix & Chill Guide For Every Kind Of Relationship

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Ahh, Valentine's Day. A day to reflect on everything you love in life. An evening to drink expensive champagne and nibble chocolate-covered strawberries while enjoying a five-course meal at a candle-lit restaurant.
Record scratch — or not.
Valentine's Day is one of those polarizing holidays that can go so wrong or so right for no reason at all. There are so many ways to celebrate the people you love in your life. My personal favorite is to just spend time with them cuddled up and watching movies together: A little bit of Valentine's Day Netflix and chill. As tired as the slang hook-up phrase is, it does accurately describe how thousands of us will end come February 14. And who's to say who it'll be with — maybe you'll be sharing a bowl of popcorn with your parents, or snuggled up next to your bestie, or holding hands with your boo.
Whatever the case, we found the best movies to stream no matter who you're Netflix and chilling with. Our "Cupid's Picks" if you will, because all relationships should be celebrated.
Click through to read about what movies you should put on your V-Day list this year.

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