People Think They Found Sean Spicer’s Venmo Account — & They’re Asking Him For Money

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has had a rough couple of days. Over the weekend, Melissa McCarthy's impression of him on Saturday Night Live went viral because it was straight up hysterical (and not particularly flattering). Of course, President Trump reportedly didn't like the sketch. And then yesterday, Spicer issued a list of terrorist attacks he claims the media "didn't cover," prompting pushback from many journalists who believe those claims are false. But this is really the icing on the cake. It's being reported today that Spicer's alleged Venmo account has been made public — and the internet is going crazy, sending him money for hilarious reasons and also requesting payments from him. The account, which has not been verified as belonging to Spicer, was first discovered by the creators behind the "Who? Weekly" podcast.
But that didn't stop Venmo users everywhere from trolling what they think is the press secretary's Venmo. Some of the things they've sent Spicer money for include: "Dippin’ Dots," "gum,” to "get ur hairline back," and "to buy some alternative dignity." However, the real MVPs are those who are asking the press secretary for money. Someone asked for a payment of $28,649.74 for the "2,864,974 votes Hillary had." There were also multiple people whose requests involved the Bowling Green Massacre. And of course, someone asked him for money to pay for anxiety medication because "your boss is a lunatic."
If this is indeed Spicer's real Venmo account, we don't think his phone will stop buzzing with notifications anytime soon. Hold on there, buddy. It's only Tuesday.

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