The Adorable Reason This Dad Ordered Flowers For His Dog

With Valentine's Day around the corner, many people are plotting displays of affection for their significant others. But is there any bond that can top the one we have with our pets? Lily Cardone's dad, for one, is celebrating the superlative connection he's got with his dog Sebastian. When flowers arrived at their Florida house, his wife expected them to be for her, but she was sorely mistaken. Instead, they were a get-well gift for Sebastian, who was recovering from ACL surgery. "Sebastian, Feel better, you’ll be back in the game very soon. Love, Daddy," it read. The 10-year-old dog "is like another brother," Cardone told BuzzFeed News. His wife absolutely loved the gesture and posted photos to Facebook, which Cardone shared on Twitter. It completely breaks our hearts that Sebastian can't read that note, but it looks like he still appreciated the bouquet.
After the story went viral, 1800flowers sent a special arrangement to Sebastian. Based on these photos, we're convinced he understands how loved he is.

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