Taylor Swift's Super Bowl Meal Sounds So Decadent

In exchange for gracing our ears with an acoustic "I Don't Want to Live Forever" at her pre-Super Bowl show, Taylor Swift is being treated like the star she is backstage. The VIP menu puts chicken wings and nachos to shame.

Swift will headline a Saturday night concert sponsored by DirecTV in Houston before the main event, Rolling Stone reports. A separate venue was created just for it, and AT&T gave away the tickets through promotions.

Saturday night's refreshments included braised short rib, sweet corn pudding, and "pork belly buns with mango slaw and kimchee mayo" for T-Swift and her guests to enjoy, according to People.

The night before at the DirecTV party, Bruno Mars got to munch on oysters Rockefeller and jalapeño cheddar grits. Friday night's headliners, Snoop Dogg and the Chainsmokers, may have had the best deal, though. They got tuna tartare with "a soy honey emulsion," "chili rubbed lamb chops," and "chili spice chicken confit with roasted corn and horseradish."

Stacks on stacks. 🐠🥑🐠🥑#eatSTK 📷: @aerialpr

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The meals were from STK restaurants, a steakhouse chain that serves a variety of foods from burgers to foie gras throughout the world. It looks like the pork belly buns aren't on their regular menu, but the sweet corn pudding is, in case you want a little taste of T-Swift's Super Bowl experience.

We hope she also got the chance to break from her usual Diet Coke with vodka and try drinks like Strawberry Cobbler and Cucumber Stiletto from their cocktail menu.

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