Taylor Swift Just Revealed Her Favorite Cocktail

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
We've been getting lots of juicy details about Taylor Swift thanks to her May Vogue cover story, and the revelations aren't done yet. As part of the magazine's 73 Questions series, a pre-bleach job Swift leads the unseen interviewer around her home in L.A. While in the kitchen, where we get a glimpse of her three coffee makers (and MTV moonman award), she answers a few questions about her food habits. While some of her go-tos are totally relatable (she loves chicken fingers and hummus), others, not so much. Her favorite birthday cake was so good it impressed Jay-Z. Yeah, same. But, the weirdest bit of food trivia Swift reveals? When asked what her favorite cocktail is, she responds without hesitation “Diet Coke and vodka.” While we don’t want to hate on anyone’s happy hour order of choice, we hope that she’s just contractually obligated to say that because of her role as a Diet Coke spokesperson. Even if she is required to drink Diet Coke with her booze, there are some other more normal things you could mix your diet coke with, like rum or whiskey. But you do you, Tay. Just make a note that when our invite finally comes to join your squad, we prefer our vodka shaken, served with a twist. See Swift's full interview below:

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