These Are The 20 Most Romantic Cities In The United States

Photographed by Angela Pham.
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Amazon's annual list of the most romantic cities is out. Do you have your GPS ready?

The site took several factors into account when preparing its list. Using data from cities with at least 100,000 residents per capita, Amazon looked at purchases of such steamy items as romance novels, rom-com movies, sex toys, and more. It also took counted up who streamed its curated romantic playlists the most frequently.

Just like last year, the Northeast comes in last, with the fewest cities making the grade. Of course, this may have more to do with where people are buying their romantic novels and less to do with their love lives.

No spoilers here, but we'll just say the number one most romantic city is making a triumphant return to the list after a two-year absence. This is a Cinderella story in the making.

Click through to find out of your town made the list.

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