Constance Zimmer Tells Us About The Toughest Scene From Season 2 Of UnREAL

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Fans of UnREAL know that Quinn is a force to be reckoned with. The creator of faux-Bachelor show Everlasting makes zero apologies, stands her ground against her (often terrible) male producers, and isn't afraid to get her hands a little dirty for the sake of reality TV. Perhaps her most inspiring quality, however, is her desire to empower her "mini-me" Rachel. For better or worse (and yes, it's often for worse) Quinn wants Rachel to own her power — jerky boyfriends and misogynistic producers be damned. Actress Constance Zimmer keeps the murder plots to the screen, but like Quinn, she's a woman who knows the worth of her fellow ladies. It's no surprise, then, that Zimmer received a place on the Create & Cultivate 100 list, which honors 100 women across 10 categories. (Zimmer is listed under entertainment, alongside women like Nicole Byer, Mandy Moore, and Rachel Bloom.) Refinery29 caught up with the actress at the Keds-hosted launch of the Create & Cultivate 100, and asked her about her latest honor. Of course, I couldn't resist asking her about what it's really like playing Quinn — and what we can expect from season 3 of the Lifetime series.

What were your thoughts when you heard you were being honored on the Create & Cultivate 100 list?

"For me it feels a little overwhelming because I didn't really realize that people were listening to what I was saying. Now it's made me more aware that our platforms do mean something, and what we're saying is reaching an audience.I love it when people are being acknowledged for the positive... I was looking at these women and I was like, 'I want to be every single one of these women!' There's not a lot of people who acknowledge the positive in this world, everyone is out to acknowledge the negative. I'm inspired by Kelly [Oxford], who is on the list."

Who are you excited to see at the launch event?

"I want to see the girls who created the Away luggage because I'm obsessed with the luggage, I have all of it. I didn't even realize it was two women who created it. Also the co-creator of Suja [Juice], because these are things that I'm obsessed with, and that [it's] women [who created them], and that they're being honored... It's [amazing.]" Time to talk UnREAL. Rachel and Quinn got roped into a murder at the end of season 2. How will that affect them? "It definitely has an effect on them. I would like to say that they had no idea that was going to happen, so it blindsided them as much as it would blindside anybody. Now you're going to see the emotional downfall of what they've done, not only for [them] but for everybody in their path. I think it's going to be a domino effect." How did you feel about UnREAL bringing on a female suitor? "I was so excited. It's time. I'm excited because not only are we going to have another strong female on the show, but a strong female who has her own insecurities and issues. How do three strong women with insecurities and issues deal with each other and still make a product? I'm very, very excited." What was the most challenging scene from season 2 for you as an actress?

"Definitely the scene when Quinn finds out she can't have kids, and then walks into what is pretty much the inside of her brain, which is the control room [of Everlasting.] The awareness of not being given the choice [to have children] was a super intense scene to do, because I have a lot of friends who have been in that position. It really pulled at my heartstrings, so that was definitely the hardest." "It's a story you don't see being told on television very much. Not necessarily even not being able to have kids, but just women being given a choice in general... It's something I think we struggle with." Fun fashion question. Since Keds is hosting tonight, what do you prefer: classic white Keds, or colorful ones?

"I go back and forth. I clearly like color, but I'm really into just the classics... Hmm... I'd say color. I'm going to go color. I already have the classics! I'd love a good pop of red or green."

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