UnReal Season 2 Goes Down In Flaming Glory, Literally

It's been a roller coaster season, and it's almost time to get off the ride. But not until UnReal ties up some loose ends. Ready? Here we go. Rachel and Quinn are officially realigned, and the season finale kicks off with those two storming into Coleman's office and confiscating all of his electronic equipment and files, including (drumroll ) the dirt he has on the Everlasting producers. Rachel also unearthed some skeletons in Coleman's closet: Turns out he faked a segment in his award-winning documentary, and now Rachel knows he's just as phony as a reality dating show, and banks on him being too terrified of ruining his career forever to out them about what happened with Mary's death last season. He says some pretty nasty stuff to her on his way off the set, twisting her mental breakdown into a reason that, just like her mom has always said, she's unlovable. Low blow, bro.
While all this is happening, Jay and Madison are in the process of putting together the final episode of Everlasting, so that Darius can choose his bride to be. But Quinn kicks their romantic plan to the curb and decides to throw the ladies — and their suitor — a curveball. Instead of just having him pick the woman he wants to get engaged too, Quinn ups the ante by constructing a scenario where the new couple will get married for real, on live TV. But there's another twist: She tells both the remaining girls, Chantal and Tiffany, that they are the one that Darius picked. It's official. Quinn's out for blood, especially when she figures out that Chet and Tiffany have a thing going on. She goes straight to Tiffany and tells her that she has to cut things off if she wants to move forward with Darius. Also of note: Darius doesn't know about the double wedding twist yet. But he's definitely not happy about getting engaged to one of these girls on national television. Jay and Romeo — yep, Romeo is back, to convince Darius to marry Tiffany — are trying to calm Darius down in his suite. Romeo also reminds Darius that his football days are over, and he has to have a plan for what's next. Darius agrees to choose Tiffany. But Quinn has another land mine buried in her finale plot: She wants Yael to go on camera and confront Tiffany about her relationship with Chet, so Quinn sends Rachel in to convince Yael that this is the only way she can take focus off of this messy situation. At first Yael resists, but in the end, Rachel gets in her head and Yael agrees to step up on camera. (Tiffany, by the way, has broken things off with Chet. But now he knows about Quinn's plan to marry someone off on live TV. And he doesn't seem quite ready to give up his girl yet.) Rachel — hot off of convincing Yael to confront Tiffany about her extra-Everlasting affair — goes back to Quinn's office for a little heart to heart. What Coleman said about her being unlovable is clearly getting to her. But there's a really nice circle where Rachel and Quinn's friendship finally gets repaired, and Quinn reminds Rachel that all of her life experiences have made her into the person that she is today. To Quinn, that's a good thing: She tells Rachel that she thinks she's perfect. It's actually really sweet, and also gives Rachel the confidence she needs to keep pushing through this hellish finale. Coleman, by the way, has been thrown off the set. But he's not quite done working his Everlasting takedown plan: He seeks out Jeremy at a local bar, who is conveniently having an afternoon pint, and convinces him to help him shut the show down. They head back to the set and sneak into Yael's room: Coleman tells her that now that Jeremy is on board, after the show the three of them are going to head straight to CNN and tell the story of what happened on Everlasting. Although — and this is important to note — Coleman also tells them that he's not actually going to be on camera, it will need to be the two of them. But then Yael reminds them that they don't need CNN: She's going to be live on camera on Everlasting and can use that broadcast to fulfill the plan. When Jeremy interjects, asking how Yael managed to manipulate the situation so that she wound up on live TV, she tells him that was all Rachel's idea, and that's when the details of what's been going on come pouring out: the shooting, Rachel's recent stint in a mental hospital, the fact that her mom placed her there, and that she was raped as a child by one of her mom's patients. Jeremy is floored. It's the first time he's ever heard about the sexual assault, and it impacts him enough to go find Rachel on set and tell her what Coleman and Yael are planning. Finally, Rachel has the full picture: Yael is a reporter who is about to tell the world that the Everlasting producers killed Mary. Rachel springs into action, having Yael escorted away from the cameras — and telling her she knows everything — in the nick of time. When Coleman catches wind of all this, he tells Rachel that it doesn't matter that she managed to shut Yael up, at least for the time being: Now, he doesn't care if it ruins his reputation. He's going rat Rachel out and admit he faked the documentary he made, even if it ruins his reputation. This seems like a tougher knot to unravel, and it's clear for the first time that Rachel may have finally run out of options. Rachel goes to Quinn who doesn't have any advice for her save for "take him down" — turns out, Quinn's attention is mostly focused on the best way to out Tiffany. She asks Madison to go get camera ready so that, since Yael is out of the picture, someone can step in and confront Tiffany about Chet.
While all this is happening, the finale is in progress. It's not until the women walk down the aisle that Darius realizes he's actually supposed to marry one of them. Like, literally that night. Mind. Blown. And — as you may have guessed — he is super pissed about it. Romeo is trying to convince him that if he doesn't choose a wife, this whole show is going to end in a serious PR disaster. But Darius might be the only real romantic left on set: He doesn't want to get married even if he knows it can easily be annulled. He wants something real. He goes with his gut, and says that — in good conscience — he can't marry Tiffany or Chantal. But just as he's delivering those final lines, Ruby starts walking up the ailse. Darius is dumbstruck, but so happy to see her. He tells her that he shouldn't have cut her, that it was a huge mistake. Then he gets down on one knee and asks Ruby if she'll marry him. But she says no. She says she loves him and that they're not ready to get married, but that she wants to get away from the cameras and start working on a life together. They share a big smooch, and for the first time ever it seems like something real is finally happening on Everlasting.
Watching all this footage play out in the control room, everyone is getting a little misty-eyed. But Quinn is powerfully affected by how yes, it actually can be possible for someone to get the fairytale. This is either going to mess her up or send her running back into the arms of John Booth. She's just standing there, watching the footage of Tiffany and Chantal melting down about what happened, and crying, when Chet stands up and puts his arm around her shoulders. But while it might seem like Quinn is just emotional about the romance of it all, she's also had a realization: Rachel betrayed her — again — by calling Ruby at the last minute and bringing her on to the set, because she wanted to give Darius a dignified ending. So Quinn knows that it was Rachel who set all this up — and that, in the end, she was the show runner all along after all. While Ruby and Darius are making their escape, so are Coleman and Yael, since Everlasting can't hang on to Yael for any longer. Rachel thinks the jig is up, and goes to find Jeremy, telling him that maybe it's just time that he goes home since the shit it soon to hit the fan. But when Jeremy tries to tell her how sorry he is about what happened to her, and that he still cares about her, she goes off, and tells him that it doesn't matter since they're all going to jail after Coleman and Yael spill their secrets. Speaking of those two rats (yep, they're rats, at this point): They're cruising down the freeway in Coleman's fancy car, holding hands and thinking they got away with everything. Back at the mansion, Rachel and Quinn are acknowledging that this might be the end, and coming to terms with that. But just when they've accepted that it's all over, there's a knock at the door. Jeremy has a confession to make: He meant it when he said he would do anything to protect Rachel, and this time isn't any exception.
They turn on the TV. Turns out, there's been a major car crash, with a single vehicle going up in flames. No status yet on the victims. But it doesn't seem as though Coleman and Yael will be posing a threat to Everlasting anymore. Now bound together by another, darker than ever secret, Rachel, Quinn, Chet, and Jeremy make their way out to the pool deck lounge chairs and lay down, waiting for the sun to come up.

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