Your February Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Alia Penner.
Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
February is off to an energetic start — can you handle the heat? With the sun stirring it up in "power to the people" Aquarius until the 18th, there will be no shortage of protests, marches and hashtags to join. Fueling this further? Renegade Mars, the zodiac's warrior, is celebrating a homecoming in Aries — the sign it is naturally associated with — until March 9. It won't be hard to get fired up about a cause — and sadly, there seems to be no shortage of Aquarian-themed humanitarian issues to rally behind at this moment in history.

It all makes sense astrologically. Coming together is the name of the game during Aquarius Season. And from the 18th on, the sun will pulse through Pisces, the zodiac's most compassionate sign. This is also the first full month for the lunar Rooster Year, and this creature's crowing #GetWoke call is resounding around the world. It will be fascinating to see what arises from the grassroots, especially near February 27 when Mars, revolutionary Uranus, and global Jupiter get into a cosmic dance.

February is also eclipse season — and we'll see two of the year's four such lunar events go down this month. (The second pair pops up in August.) On the 10th, a glowing lunar (full moon) eclipse lights up regal, expressive Leo but also opposes the sun in Aquarius. This could bring a showdown between the billionaires and the everyday citizens. Keep those picket signs handy or watch Leo Madonna's Women's March speech for the thousandth time as a surge of fearless inspiration. The second eclipse falls on February 26 in the sign of healing, compassionate Pisces. This one is the last in a series that began on March 20, 2015. Creative and spiritual developments that happened over the past two years could yield some powerful results in our lives. Forgiveness, letting go and putting up strong boundaries will be themes.

And lest you think we forgot about St. Valentine, take heart. On February 14, the moon will be in loving Libra, amplifying the amorous vibes of the day. The lunar eclipse in Leo on the 10th could rouse slumbering passion and bring some exciting declarations of love. With cosmic couple Venus and Mars swirling together in independent Aries all month, the key to keeping attraction alive lies in developing our own individual interests. Don't sleep on your dreams! Living them out loud only make you more magnetic to the one you adore.

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