5H’s Lauren Jauregui Pens Open Letter Against Immigration Ban

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Lauren Jauregui is no stranger to publicly voicing her dissent against President Donald Trump's political views. In November, the Fifth Harmony singer penned a fiery open letter slamming Trump's voters for their explicit and implicit support of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, and more. She also came out as bisexual in the letter. Jauregui has done it again with a rousing new letter railing Trump's extreme executive order on immigration, which bans Syrians from entering the country indefinitely, and people from six other countries for 90 days — including refugees, green card-holders, and foreign dual-citizens. The Cuban-America singer, who published her statement via People, writes, "This country was built and continues to survive off the backs of immigrants and refugees. The term refugee in itself is such a significant word. These people are not terrorists: Many are escaping wars that we created in their lands. To tell another human being that the disastrous tortures of war are not important and to then go even a step further and insult their plight for freedom by labeling them 'terrorists' is just disrespectful to humanity." Jauregui reasons that all Americans are immigrants or descendants of immigrants, because this country was established only after the Spanish conquistadors eradicated the indigenous peoples who were here first. The 20-year-old also implores us to fight back against Trump's actions, lest history repeat itself. "We need to come together and let this administration know that we are not going to stand for another Nazi Germany or Stalin Russia or Mao Zedong China." She concludes, "These empty promises, these dangerous executive orders, this obsession with money — we will not be able to drink oil or eat dirty, blood-wrung green paper and nickel. Please, please listen. Check out the IPJC.org and ACLU.org and take action in a community near you. We cannot afford woke tweets and Instagram posts alone. We need action. Take your future back into your hands." The sweeping and inspiring letter, though, is best appreciated in its entirety — you can read it on People.

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