This Community Did The Sweetest Thing For Immigrant & Refugee Kids

At International Community School in Decatur, GA, half of the students are immigrants or refugees. When Donald Trump was elected in November, several teachers and the principal worried that many of the kids would be sent back to their home countries, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. In the wake of Trump's immigration order, a few parents and kids decided to make signs with welcoming messages and post them in front of the school as a show of solidarity. The signs make statements like, "We Are All Immigrants" and "You Are Welcome Here" — simple words that could make a difference to a child who is scared or confused.
While one community can't stop an executive order, offering solace to those who are scared of being deported feels especially important right now. The ban, which blocks anyone from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days, has already separated families and seen green-card holders detained.
Mom Danny Vincent told AJC that she was inspired to host a sign-making party when she saw one sign her neighbor had made and put in front of the school. Then, she asked her 8-year-old daughter if she wanted to help. "She was immediately on board," Vincent said. "She has been very worried about people who might feel bad or scared because they are different. So we decided to reach out to several of her friends and see if they wanted to help out, too. By Sunday afternoon, we had a sign-making party with kids ranging from age 2 to ninth grade!" At a trying time, no act of kindness is too small — so keep spreading the love in all the ways you can.

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