10 Things To Feel Good About Right Now

It's rough out there these days. With everything from reproductive rights to healthcare to our literal planet on the line, turning on your TV or scrolling through your Twitter feed can be a brave — and profoundly disappointing — act. But in case you were getting ready to close your eyes and cover your ears and go hide under the blankets for the foreseeable future, let us reassure you: Not all news is bad news. In fact, there have been some recent developments that may make you smile — or even cheer.

We combed through recent events to find aspects of the current world that you can actually feel good about. Really — they do exist. From acts of resistance to gestures of compassion to all the adorable baby and/or animal stories you need, this is one news roundup that won't leave you weeping (or planning your move to Canada).

Ahead, 10 reasons the world isn't all bad right now. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be okay after all.

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