After The Election U.S. Applications To Canadian Colleges Rise

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Canadian colleges -- namely the University of Toronto and McMaster University -- are seeing an increase in applications from United States citizens. University of Toronto has seen a 70 percent increase in American applicants since December 2015, while McMaster University has seen a 34 percent rise. While it's not uncommon for unhappy voters to threaten to flee the U.S. following an election year, The Hill suggests that such a rise in emigration has never been seen before. With tensions high and many feeling uneasy with that start of Trump's presidency looming, Canadian colleges are said to have increased their outreach to students in the U.S. The University of Toronto discussed their plans to more aggressively recruit American students during a December 2016 panel in Washington D.C. Ahead of the discussion Joseph Wong, the associate vice president and vice provost of international student experience outlined a plan to assure prospective U.S. students that the school would not only welcome them, but help to connect them globally. "Our intention is to re-affirm to prospective students that U of T is a globally leading university, ranked among the very best worldwide," Wong said. "I am also keen to convey to students that the U of T is a global platform, which connect them to other parts of the world." Throughout his campaign, Trump emphasized plans to change the way students borrow money for college. His camp floated the idea of privatizing loans, making changes to the way banks apply interest to student loans and more. It remains unclear, largely because of Trump's silence on policy plans, what he will actually accomplish during his presidency and how it will effect college students.

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