Emma Stone Watches The Bachelor & I Want To Shout It From The Rooftops

Photo: Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock.
Emma Stone has been doing a lot of press lately. She's nominated for her second Oscar for La La Land, which means she has to spend a lot of time with reporters talking about the film. For the most part, such interview circuits grow a bit repetitive and rarely do they afford us anything worth celebrating. Occasionally, though, an actor unspools, giving us a fact we never would have known otherwise. Case in point: Stone, who let slip in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she enjoys The Bachelor. The piece is titled "Emma Stone's Battle With Shyness, Panic Attacks and Phobias on the Way to the Oscars." It should be called "Emma Stone's Friend Dave Is Coming Over Later & They're Going To Watch The Bachelor." Because, my friends, that is the real story here. Yes, Emma Stone is a star. Yes, she's going to the Oscars. For someone who's been in the public eye since Superbad in 2007, this is all routine. But I did not expect Hollywood's favorite ingénue to imbibe in the intoxicating reality show. (Yes, intoxicating.) I quote: "In fact, one of the guys on the show named Dave is coming over tonight to watch The Bachelor," Stone told THR. The show she was referring to is a VH1 pilot called The New Partridge Family, which was Stone's first major project in Hollywood. Apparently, she and Dave stayed friends afterward. However, something tells me I could have deduced Stone's affection for The Bachelor long ago. Something like this interview with Andrew Garfield in 2012 where he said, "I wanna watch, like...The Bachelor." He added, "Don't be surprised by that — it's the greatest show on TV!" Stone and Garfield were dating at the time, so perhaps before the guy named Dave, there was Andrew. But who can say? Okay, Emma, now that you've shared this delicious tidbit with us, we have a few questions. Do you love Corinne as much as I do? What are your thoughts on Nick Viall? And, most importantly, can you use your Hollywood clout to make sure Rachel is the next Bachelorette? Oh, and good luck with all that Oscar stuff!

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