How Dax Shepard Helped Kristen Bell Flirt With Her Night Of Crush

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The couple that flirts together, stays together? That seems to be the M.O. for perpetually adorable couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. The couple revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Shepard helped his wife sweet talk The Night Of's Riz Ahmed at the Golden Globes. Bell, who told DeGeneres that she "[finds] Indian men irresistible," has crushed on Ahmed since watching his performance in the HBO series. When Shepard spotted Ahmed at the awards show, he decided to be a good hubby "break the ice" between the Good Place star and the nominee. "I said, 'My wife has a crush on you, I'd love to introduce you to her,' thinking she would be nervous to say that." Alas, Bell was not nervous at all — and, moments later, came up to Ahmed to proclaim her adoration. "I walked up to him and out of my mouth came, 'I find you very attractive,'" said Bell. Shepard joked that it made Ahmed very uncomfortable: "He immediately looked at me and [was thinking], 'Is this their perverse setup? Is he going to get jealous and fight for her? Or is this an opportunity for a threeway?'"
I think it's safe to say that Shepard, Bell, and Ahmed won't become a throuple anytime soon, but major points to the Parenthood star for helping his wife get her flirt on... even if she didn't need him to. Related Video:

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