Lena Dunham’s Guide To Internet Civility Begins With Scandal

Lena Dunham has some advice for you — and internet trolls, too. But being that it's 2017, Dunham's not relying on the legacy of Emily Post for her etiquette advice. Instead, the Girls star is focusing on a certain fictional fixer. In an Instagram post this morning, Dunham outlines when someone should or should not delete a post from social media. Unlike many of us, however, Dunham's position as an outspoken, badass feminist and a woman in the spotlight often attracts many, many negative comments. Many of her suggestions seem like common sense, such as, "when it really upsets your mom/boyfriend sibling" and, "when it is inadvertently offensive and someone intelligently schools you." (Dunham would know.)

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But the suggestion that really stands out? That'd be "when it gives away a Scandal spoiler." Nobody needs to tell you that Scandal has some hardcore fans. If you even attempt to spoil the show for a loyal viewer, you better expect some Olivia Pope-level fury to rain down on you. Seeing as how Dunham's a loyal Scandal fan herself, she's probably been on the receiving end of spoilers and knows just how infuriating they can be. Now that Girls has wrapped filming its final season, Dunham's probably got some free time. Maybe Olivia Pope & Associates is looking for a new hire? We know one girl who's pretty internet-savvy. Hey, she's been there before.

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