16 Women At The Top Of Their Game Share Their Best Email Hacks

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Email is the opposite of the gift that keeps on giving. It's usually the nightmare that never ends.
The second you feel like you've caught up, you're faced with the responses to the messages you just answered and it's time to start again. Couple this with all the other tasks that fill the workday — meetings, calls, and, oh, actual work — and it starts to feel a little unmanageable.
But before you give in to the pit of despair that is your inbox, know this: There are some ways to keep your email under control. We went to women who have made it to the top in tech, business, and sports to find out how they tackle the beast. From flagging and folders to prioritizing like a pro, they shared their best organizing tips.
Regardless of whether you're an inbox zero person or have a red bubble above your email icon denoting hundreds (thousands?) of unread messages, these ideas will help. Click through to see all 16.

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