Kylie Jenner Just Cut Off A LOT Of Hair

Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner surprised us with platinum blonde hair. Knowing her, though, we weren't expecting it to last for long. Indeed, in a few weeks' time, it got long and dark again. Now, she's changed it once more — and pretty drastically this time. In a Snapchat story posted Monday night, we see her in the car with dark, chin-length locks. "The gag is...I had to cut off all my hair today," she wrote. But, she added, "my hair is still blonde." It doesn't look that way, though. In the photo, her hair color looks like a silvery black. She did, however, show us her blonde roots. Does this mean it's a wig again, then?
Nope. At least she claims it's real this time.
Whatever it is, fans are already loving it.
If we're lucky, we might even get to see this style for a whole week.

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