Donald Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Much Smaller Than Normal

Donald Trump was inaugurated President today. He did so in front of a crowd that paled against his predecessor's, as people stayed away in droves. Images of Barack Obama's inauguration alongside Trump's show the huge disparity in crowd size. Trump's was much smaller.
As you can see, he can barely fill the National Mall. The crowd at Trump's parade was equally sparse. Note the empty stands. If you squint, you can almost see a person sitting there. “It’s almost like a funeral,” one attendee told the Washington Post. The Post further notes that the president will traditionally walk through the crowd. Trump, by contrast, stayed in his limousine and stared straight ahead.
Trump's team must have been feeling a little insecure about the size of their crowd, because they briefly used a shot from Obama's inauguration as the new banner image for @POTUS. The image has since been replaced with a low-resolution shot of Trump staring out a window.
Donald Trump's official bio, meanwhile, has been changed to tout his victory in an election which he lost by 3 million votes nationally.

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