Kristin Cavallari Claps Back At Fat-Shaming Trolls...By Fat-Shaming

Kristin Cavallari posted a sweet message to her husband Jay Cutler on Instagram, thanking him for surprising her with a trip to Mexico for her birthday. Unfortunately, trolls jumped on the chance to leave fat-shaming, homophobic comments like "WTF did he eat himself" and "Who’s the lesbian on the left?"
So, Cavallari posted another photo presumably intended to defend him. But you'd be fooled, because the caption further fat-shames him. "Since Jay looked like a 300 lb lesbian in my last post, I felt I should do him justice by posting him looking hot AF in this one," she wrote.

It's not OK, then, for other people to criticize his appearance, but it's OK when she does it?
Cavallari's "defense" is hurtful not only toward Cutler but also toward lesbians and fat people. There's no such thing as looking like a lesbian, and neither that nor "300 pound" should be an insult.

People called the second photo "more flattering," but we need to do away with the idea that some versions of ourselves are better than others. Camera angles and poses can make us look different in different photos, and all of them are equally worthy of being seen.

If Cavallari really wanted to defend Cutler, she'd tell her haters he looked "Hot AF" in both pictures — and that it's not their place to judge either.


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