Thieving Squirrels: The Cutest Criminals, Courtesy Of Canada

Photo: Courtesy of Luke's Grocery
Ugh, even misdemeanors are adorable in Canada. We already have our northern neighbors to thank for the wokest bae, the cheapest waffle fries, the Hermione Granger gender equality summit, and even the Obamas' holiday card (are you everywhere, Trudeau?). And today, the owners of Luke's Grocery in Toronto regaled Buzzfeed with the heartwarming tale of some sneaky squirrels — that's écureuils for those of you tuning in from Quebec — that are pilfering their stock of chocolate bars. It all started once upon a time, about five years ago, presumably on a dark and stormy night. “Basically, my parents sort of suspected something was happening," Cindy Kim, whose parents Paul and Juliet own Luke's Grocery, explained to Buzzfeed, "because we’d hear a rustling where the chocolate bars are." Spooky. So, like any good group of grocery gumshoes, the Kims "started investigating," Cindy says. That's when they discovered the fluffy culprits — and started recording the crimes on camera. Now, the squirrels and the Kims enjoy substantial followings on social media. Paul Kim estimates a total damage of about 40 missing chocolate bars over the years. At first, the Kims hoped to put a stop to the thefts, but now it seems "people want the squirrels to come," Cindy explains. I mean, who could say no to those fuzzy, pudgy cheeks? Between their charming thievery and their master photobombing skills, it's clear that squirrels are yet one more thing that Canada does better.

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