Everyone Thinks These Weeknd Lyrics Are About Selena Gomez

The new Weeknd-Selena Gomez romance (go-mance? wo-mance?) has fans in a bit of a tizzy. A big part of that tizzy is analyzing the Weeknd's back catalogue. After all, if celebs aren't encoding hidden messages in their lyrics, then what is the damn point? The lyrics in question are in "Party Monster," off his newest, Starboy.
Of course, others have been quick to point out that the Weeknd probably meant the mononymic Selena. That's as in tragically dead Quintanilla, not Gomez.
The Weeknd reportedly split with Bella Hadid in early November. Starboy was released November 25. So either the Weeknd was talking about Selena Quintanilla or he is really, really fast to move on.

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