Justin Timberlake Is Not Enthusiastic About Jessica Biel’s Baby News

Justin Timberlake is a good sport, but he will not feign enthusiasm over baby news. Not even for Ellen DeGeneres. When Jessica Biel appeared on DeGeneres' show, the comedian decided to give the actress' husband a call, and surprise him with the exciting news that Biel is pregnant. (She's not.) DeGeneres was hoping she could trick Timberlake into thinking he was having baby number two. After asking Timberlake what he was doing — making sweet potato fries for his son Silas, the "king of the house" — DeGeneres let him know he'll soon be making fries for two. "Guess what? Not only is they're going to be a king of the house," she said as Biel laughed. "There's gonna be a queen of the house. We're here to tell you. Surprise!" DeGeneres then let Timberlake know this new baby girl would be named Ellen, naturally. "Oh," Timberlake said, lacking the enthusiasm the host expected. "I can't wait to find out whose it is." So, no, Timberlake didn't fall for DeGeneres' prank, but the host did get the final laugh. "Well," she said. "That's a different show." Read These Stories Next:
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