What Happened When This Guy Tried To Troll A Grocery Store For Sex Advice

Thanks to a customer service exchange via Twitter, a man and his donut are now going viral. On Friday, Twitter user @PeeWeeMFC75 lodged a "complaint" at Morrison's grocery store after discovering that its donuts were had no holes and therefore prevented him from using them during an oral sex act with his girlfriend.
Instead of ignoring his attempt at trolling, one kindly Morrison's employee decided to respond with advice.
That's when things took a strange, even friendly, turn.
The Daily Dot spoke to PeeWeeMFC75, who said that he didn't actually intend to use the donut for oral pleasure. "I wasn't planning on using the donuts for sex," he told Daily Dot. "I was bored and flicking through [Facebook] and a friend posted the pic of the donuts without a hole complaining, so I got the idea of [tweeting] Morrisons."
As for his motivation? "Why I said what I did is a mystery," he said. "Sometimes I don't fully think [things] through." However, that didn't stop the rest of Twitter from being floored by Cam's great customer service skills.
It just goes to show that when it comes to the internet, there is no shortage of off-kilter sex "advice" — but if you are going to have messy sex, make sure you're prepared, folks.
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