Emma Stone’s Most Awkward Moment At The Globes Is All Of Us

If they handed out awards for botched embraces, La La Land's Golden Globes pile would be even bigger. One eagle-eyed viewer caught Emma Stone and director Damien Chazelle engaged in the most awkward of hugs during last night's ceremony. Chazelle, winning for Best Screenplay, immediately accepted a side hug and waist pat from Ryan Gosling, because, hey, #priorities. Then Stone made her move, only to get intercepted at the last second by the filmmaker's date, actress Olivia Hamilton. Fun fact: Hamilton played the girl who wants a gluten-free treat at Starbucks in the movie. Anyway, that's when things got awkward. And crowded.
Stone's oops-sorry reaction was priceless enough to forgive any clumsiness. It's pretty much the same face she pulled when Gosling's character Sebastian blew past her in the piano bar. When will this girl learn? (Just kidding, Em: Don't ever, ever change. We need this.)

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