The Pop Culture Headlines We Fully Expect To Write This Year

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There's a distinct sense of uncertainty hanging over 2017, mostly because we elected a wildly unpredictable man to the highest office in the land. The defunding of Planned Parenthood. The repealing of Obamacare. The vulnerability of LGBTQ rights. The possibility of impeachment. Who knows what the hell is going to happen this year?
But let's forget about the terrifying fact that our country is in total political upheaval right now, and focus on some less materially consequential fare. I'm talking about pop culture and entertainment, i.e. the most fun kind of news to speculate about.
Who will hook up? What like-worthy Instagrams will be posted? What movies will bomb or triumph at the box office? And who will dis whom in a cryptic tweet or song lyric? I know, it's all a lot to think about. So take a look at our best guesses about the headlines we'll be writing this year. And, if you'd like to become regarded as something of a pop culture prophet among your friends and followers by the end of 2017, start repeating these predictions to everyone you know as if they're your own original thoughts.

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