Sarah Hyland Is Recording New Music & We’re Strangely Hyped

Actors who decide to turn their hand to music can be a mixed bag. Like, did we really need that Lindsay Lohan album? Has anyone outside of Germany actually rocked out to David Hasselhoff? Can Jamie Foxx truly blame it on the alcohol? On the other hand, everyone loves an EGOT, and we're prepared to defend Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time" to the death. So it's with an open mind and just tiny dash of trepidation that we approach Sarah Hyland's announcement that she's recording new music. Here's why. Though she's known for her work on Modern Family, the actress does have some genuinely strong pipes. Her covers of The Chainsmokers and Maroon 5 were beautiful, and she's got a background in musical theater. Why shouldn't she take a stab at a crossover career? This tweet suggests that that's exactly what Hyland is doing.
"I can't say if I'll be covering anything anytime soon," she told fans. "But I can allude to the fact that I'm recording something next week." So, does that mean it's original music? Or just that it is a cover and she doesn't want to say? It's perhaps premature to push for an album, but we're excited to see where this goes.

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