Amy Adams Says She Found A Pair Of “Magic Leggings”

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We know actresses are well acquainted with shapewear. But every so often, this relationship with red carpet underthings can lead to other life-changing wardrobe discoveries. That's what appears to have happened to Amy Adams, at least. In an interview with Yahoo Style, the actress revealed she had found the leggings to end all leggings, and the brand may surprise you. "Spanx!" Adams declared on the red carpet of the National Board of Review awards gala in New York, where the actress went on to win for best actress. You may know the brand for its ultra-compressing shorts and gut-tucking sorcery — but to Adams, it's the maker of what she calls "magic leggings." Insert Astonished Face Emoji here. Now, Adams didn't have the exact product name or style code handy. (What, you don't keep all identifying features of your favorite garments on your person at all times?) However, she did offer a few more selling points for Spanx's particular selection of leggings. "They're a little shiny, but you know, in the world of leggings, they're not too shiny," Adams told Yahoo Style. (Although, if you prefer your leggings extra-shiny, the brand has some of those on offer, too.) Plus, since Spanx's leggings cap off at $128 (and most are priced under $100), it's a pretty accessible fashion endorsement from a celebrity.
Photo: Courtesy of Spanx.
Sara Blakely's company expanded the scope of its smoothing garments beyond what goes underneath your clothes long ago. But since the dawn of athleisure, it's no surprise Spanx has doubled down on the leggings. Last year, the brand launched a full range of leggings for various lifestyles, from active to everyday, for fall '16. (It even has denim leggings, should you be interested.) "I love Amy Adams," Blakely wrote to Refinery29 of the actress' recent leggings review. "I'm so happy that she's a fan of Spanx leggings." She said that the brand's leggings "have grown a loyal following" since they were first introduced. "We can hardly keep them in stock," Blakely added. "They're as comfortable as your favorite pajama bottoms, but make you look amazing. They truly are magic." (Blakely noted that she herself wears them often.) We'll always welcome a leggings recommendation. But a style that's so good, it's magic? Oh, you bet we're listening, Amy.

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