Men & Women Watched Very Different Porn In 2016

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Pornhub's annual Year In Review teaches us more about the human condition than any census could. For example, people watched close to 4.6 billion hours of porn during the calendar year of 2016 (that's 524, 641 years' worth), with the United States coming in as the top contributor of site traffic in the world. While you could read the stats over and over and still learn something new each time, one of the more interesting tidbits is tucked into the section about women: Female users may still only make up 26% of Pornhub's worldwide visitors, but what they search for is wildly different than what men search for. For men, the top search terms in 2016 were "milf," "step mom," and "step sister," and their favorite categories were "Teen," "Ebony," and "MILF." Turns out, women were on the hunt for a horse of a different color. When it came to search terms, "lesbian," "lesbian scissoring," and "threesome" were among the most sought-after. Women visitors' favorite categories were "Lesbian," "Big Dick," and "Threesome." Then, Pornhub broke down the stats even more, showing the categories more often viewed by women in comparison to men, starting with "Pussy Licking," "Female Friendly," and "Lesbian." For the most part, women in 2016 enjoyed searching for porn featuring their own gender, as well as content that was specifically geared towards them and their pleasure. While this could also have ended up being the case for men, their search terms were a little more general and invited all sorts of combinations into the mix. Luckily, this doesn't call for a war of the sexes. Men and women also had some favorite categories in common, including "MILF," "Anal," and "Big Tits." At least we can agree on something.
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