10 Fun Runs To Add To Your Calendar In 2017

Running sometimes gets a bad rap as a grueling activity exclusively for super intense athletes. But like any form of exercise, it can actually be a way to have fun, socialize, and improve your all-around wellbeing.
If you don't get that from your standard jog or marathon, you just might get it from one of the interactive, colorful, and silly themed runs happening around the country this year.
Signing up for a run can give you something to look forward to, encourage you to get outside, and let you bond with others attending the same event. And if you decide to train for it, it can help you start off your year with a goal to work toward. The good thing about these events, though, is that you can be as intense or lax about them as you want.
And if you can't get enthused about running at all, of course, don't force yourself. Find a form of exercise that truly is enjoyable for you, like one of these playground-inspired outdoor activities or these gym-free workouts.
But if you do want to give a run a try, here are a few you can check out this year.

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