Rob Kardashian Is Doing Instagram Promo Hours After Being Released From Hospital

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty
I’m starting to think that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have interns handling their social media affairs. Whoever is responsible for their accounts understands that promotional posts on Instagram are a great way for the famous couple to make cash. They know that a little controversy will increase the number of views and likes on their pages. But they don’t seem to be experienced enough to implement a social media strategy that appears smooth and natural. They haven’t mastered the art of the graceful finesse. Instead, their posts often scream “publicity stunt” and make us feel icky about following them in the first place. Rob Kardashian was released from the hospital only several hours ago. He checked himself in and was treated for complications related to his diabetes. Instead of posting a “thank you” message to his fans for their support or even a selfie showing us that he’s okay, Rob uploaded a video advertising a starter kit for a new diet program. Side. Eye. The timing for a promo post honestly couldn’t have been worse. He must have realized this because he deleted the post earlier today.
For the record, there’s a strong case for Rob not being personally responsible for this lack of tact. He was just released from the hospital and could be resting. The caption was also super feminine. I don’t mean to impose stereotypical gender roles onto Rob, but I don’t think the king of Gucci slides and basketball shorts has the, er, delicate touch that would inspire him to use heart emojis to bullet details. Not to mention the fact that the diet is called Fit Girls guide. His followers on IG are already calling him out on the contradictions and horrible timing.
I can’t say I don’t agree. But beyond that, he needs a new social media team ASAP.

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